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The feasibility study is a critical step in insuring the success of developing a business property. A solid feasibility study will ensure accurate financial projections of the property’s value within the local market economics.  A feasibility study is the only way to know for sure how your property will perform. Giles McIvor feasibility studies use proven methodology in site inspection, government code and regulation compliance and associated fees research, utility connection cost and availability, determination of professional design fees and project cost budgeting.

General Contracting

Giles McIvor provides diversified general contracting services for many clients.  They include healthcare facilities, commercial offices, residential community amenity centers, retail development, signage, and more. Engage our team to manage all parts of your building project, including oversight of vendors and labor, facilitating communications with all parties and managing timelines and budgeting. From site selection to complete project construction, Giles McIvor offers a full range of general contractor services.

Interior Buildout

Giles McIvor can provide a project cost estimate for your already developed buildout plans or participate from the beginning in the creation of space planning for a new look and improved function. We have experience with determining the feasibility of purchasing existing buildings and giving them a new business purpose.  Among a variety of challenges have been converting a Hertz rental car facility, a furniture store and a business park warehouse/office all into Pet Paradise resorts as well as a conversion of a light fixture store/showroom into a medical office/clinic. Let us help you meet your commercial demands with a buildout or full remodel made to fit your business plan.

Site Work

As a licensed underground utility contractor Giles McIvor performs site work contracting for its own projects as well as performing work for other general contractors. From walled ponds, sanitary lift stations or septic systems, underground utilities, to complete projects-clearing through to paving. Giles McIvor would like to talk to you about any portion of your project.

Serving the Southeast

Put Giles McIvor’s capabilities to work. We have successfully managed commercial projects across the Southeast and focus on professionalism while advocating for established deliverables. Our firm has licenses in the states of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Tennessee.  We have also worked on several commercial projects in Texas.

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